Neologism of the day: Artsplaining

By now you have all heard of mansplaining, something men do when over-explaining, or needlessly explaining, things to women. We do it to other men, too, but not nearly as often. The act itself if patronizing and sexist, but it made a great neologism. The origin of the word is still under debate, but it is often erroneously attributed to writer Rebecca Solnit, as her book, Men Explain Things to Me, came out as the term was catching fire.

I want to offer a new term, artsplaining, in case no one has thought it up yet. Snobbery has a rent-free home in the art world, though people do pay various prices for using it at the wrong time. Artsplaining is a subset of mansplaining, more likely to be used by men to women that any other combination, in which the guy, with poorly concealed condescension, expounds on some obvious fact about art – educating the little people, if you will. It’s distasteful, but i’m sure it has been around for ages. I won’t write any more about it, lest I fall into that very trap.


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