Prints at Hygienic Art Gallery


This weekend I was in New London CT, and go to see the 4th Annual Connecticut Printmakers Invitational exhibition, which was shown at the Hygienic Art Gallery. It was a beautiful day to be out and about, and I was fortunate to get to the show on its last day. A couple of works that caught my eye are reproduced here.

At the top of this post is a beautiful cloudscape, created by Shirley Bernstein, one of a number of cloudscapes she has in the show. I prefer the lower-key works, such as this, than the sunset scenes, which seem to brightly red. Subtlety works best for this artist, I feel.


This is “Dance of Bliss 17,” (2012) part of a series of prints by Cecilia Moy Fradet. The Mickey Mouse/Buddha mashup is unusual, and a bit perplexing. As a print it is very well made, and grabs the eye. The artist writes of her work in her artist’s statement:

“The cultural icons embedded in the imagery of the East and West fuse a new visual language, a form of communication. Often, we are not aware of the feelings triggered by these images, yet they shape our perception of reality. Iconography and symbolism become larger than life, transcending the barriers of stereotype. The evolution of popular images constitutes the divinity of pop culture. My modernized, multi-colored mandalas celebrate childhood icons and signify the rise of a new cartoon guru, a whimsical traveler who bravely forges the cultural gap.”

It’s surprising how vibrant downtown New London is. The city always looks a little seedy – many of the buildings have seen better days – but there is a lot of character in them and there are many quirky businesses to browse in. The Hygienic, named for the restaurant that formerly inhabited the building, is a regular showcase for emerging artists, and has a strong connection with the community.

The Hygienic is at 79 Bank Street in New London. Check their website for hours and exhibitions.


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