What’s It All About?

It occurs to me that I haven’t given you any idea about this blog’s scale and scope – a thesis statement or manifesto, as it were. Perhaps it’s a little late, but what the heck.

If you’re reading Art Matters you might have noticed a few things:

  1. This blog covers many aspects of art, from the museum field to the working artist to art writing.
  2. News and reviews are supplemented with first-hand accounts of visits to museums, galleries, art fairs, etc. I don’t discriminate: small-town artists are still artists, and I’ll write about what comes my way.
  3. Many posts are brief, but occasionally I’ll post a long essay covering some more complex idea.
  4. Movies and theater are included, albeit somewhat less often that visual art. Being a writer and painter myself, my main interests are writing and painting.
  5. I prefer to comment on issues in the art world, but at times I wear my heart on my sleeve. I think museums are often disconnected from social issues, while artists and writers have an intimate connection with what is going on around them. Partisanship is unavoidable.

I hope you’re enjoying these random impressions and opinions. I know that having an outlet is good for me. It’s like a sketchbook wherein I record the tumult and tranquility I see. Enjoy!


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