Same time last year


The Virtu Art Fair, with a little of Wilcox Park in the foreground, and the Westerly Memorial Library in back

This past weekend I went to the Virtu Art Fair in Westerly, RI’s lovely Wilcox Park. It was great weather, and perfect for a day’s ramble. I had intended to review the fair, as a remedy (or at least a palliative treatment) for the bombast and money-grubbing of major art fairs. However, reviewing my writeup of last year’s fair, I find that almost everything I wrote then applies now. Go back and re-read it. The artists I highlighted last year were there again, and just as good.

One new addition was the appearance of drawings by Eli Helman, whose mix of craft and quirky humor was welcome. It’s good to see art that makes you stop and study it, instead of pretty things for your beach house or summer home – which, in a shoreline community like Westerly, is always in demand.

The yarnbombing seemed half-hearted, and less extensive than last year – or was I looking in the wrong directions?

If you need an excuse to go for a walk on a sunny day with Summer on the doorstep, an art fair is as good a reason as any. The fair doesn’t even have to be that good. There will be things worth looking at, and the weather will provide the rest.


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